IX International Improv Festival ImproFest

ImproFest was one of the first improv comedy festivals in Poland, featuring regularly national and international performers. Special guests from Poland have included members of widely known sketch comedy groups: Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju, Hrabi, Limo, Jurki, Łowcy.B and individual performers: Szymon Majewski, Abelard Giza, Grzegorz Halama, Mariusz Kałamaga, Ewa Błachnio, Adam Grzanka, Tomasz Jachimek and Katarzyna Piasecka. Guests from abroad have included Racing Minds (UK), The Mischief (UK), Simone Schwegler and Gerald Weber (Switzerland), ILGU Theatre (Slovenia), Jim Libby (USA/Austria), Neil Curran (Ireland), Rod Ben Zeev (Netherlands/USA), Czech Improv All Stars (Czech Republic), Susan Messing and Rachael Mason (USA), Charlotte Gittins and Andrew Hunter Murray (UK).

Last year, the festival had a pleasure to host David Razowsky, Jonathan Pitts (USA), Heather Urquhart and Jules Munns (UK).

The ninth edition of the festival (6–11.11.2019) will bring even more brilliant improvisers to the stage – among them – Baby Wants Candy (USA), recognized by many as the best group creating improvised musicals in the world.

The programme for this year includes a variety of improv treats: shows in three languages (Polish, German, and English), a performance for just one audience member, music shows, and workshops.

The festival will take place in Studio Club in Krakow (Budryka 4 street).

ImproFest is organised by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Sztuki Kabaretowej PAKA and Grupa AD HOC.

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