The Improvisation Theatre IMPROKRACJA is the oldest and most experienced improvisational theatre in Lower Silesia. Not only is it one of the first such groups in Poland, but it still remains at the forefront of improvisation in the country. For over 7 years, Improkracja has been performing in Wrocław, having auditorium packed with spectators every week. The performances are based on improvised comedy scenes, which, created live and without a script, surprise both the audience and the actors themselves.

Cast: Joanna Jóskowiak, Anka Wojtkowiak-Williams, Michał Gruz, Artur Jóskowiak, Tomasz Marcinko, Mateusz Płocha, Mateusz Skulimowski, Jakub Tarka


“Improkracja washes your dirty linen in public”

“I wash once every two days.”
“At night, when no one’s watching, I like…”
“I steal milk for coffee from my workmates.”

Everyone has some secrets that they are ashamed of, do not want to or cannot say out loud. What if you write them down anonymously on a piece of paper, and drop them off at the table of trusted people? Wouldn’t it be easier on your conscience, on your soul? Your secrets will be used to improvise live scenes. We can’t wait…


instagram: improkracja