Grupa AD HOC (Kraków)

Grupa AD HOC was one of the first improv comedy groups in Poland, formed in October 2008. We play both short and long forms – all without a script and based on audience suggestions and our imagination. We’ve performed regularly for over 11 years and taken part in workshops with trainers from the UK, US, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Holland and Spain.

Cast: Aneta Stokes, Karol Bulski, Janek Malinowski, Michał Ociepa, Alan Pakosz, Michał Próchniewicz.


What would happen if…? Imagine that you can not make your decisions. Imagine that someone is controling all your moves and decisions. What would happen if he would change one piece of your story? How your story will go on? What would happen if you will give fate of your character straight to hands of an audience?