W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani

An ancient improv group from Trójmiasto, active in 2006-2013.

We are happy to bring the group back to life for one special occasion. Alan Pakosz called us and said: What would you say about reactivating your group for one special occasion – AD HOC’s birthday? It turned out that we would say yes. Even with pleasure. So we are a group again, for a moment.

At the beginning we were performing in Teatr Wybrzeżak, then we named our group W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani, then we shortened it into Kompani, and then we split up. It was in June 2013, we gave each other a kiss for goodbye and  moved to different projects (mostly improve).

Here is the list of members of the original group: Ewa Czernowicz, Małgorzata Kubicka, Małgorzata Różalska, Magdalena Walaszczak, Karolina Wróbel, Szymon Jachimek, Paweł Kukla, Łukasz Ławniczak, Kacper Ruciński, Kuba Śliwiński, Hubert Świątek and Wojciech Tremiszewski. Now some of the surnames have changed, some babies have been born, some more jewellery has been bought and some wrinkles have appeared. Well, time goes by.

November is coming, so we are planning on taking a hot bath and heading to Krakow. Looks like almost everybody is going to make it. Thank you to the AD HOC group for the idea and invitation. Improv is cool. We wish you all all the best!