Klub Komediowy is opened at Plac Zbawiciela in Warsaw since 2014. In the Club you can find a scene and a bar. Every day you can see a variety of live comedy shows and drink some beer.

In our repertoire we have improv shows, literary, written scripts, stand-up and other scene presentations, which are brand new on warsaw’s theatrical and club scene.

We present formats and shows which are original productions of our club: improv musicals, “Personal sallies”, “Short forms evening”, “Improv speed dating”, “Dubbings” and others.


“One night stand”

Two people wake up after an unplanned night together. It’s weird. The sense of guilt and embarrassment hangs in the air, it is almost tangible. One of them tries to pick up parts of his wardrobe while ordering an uber. The other one clumsily proposes coffee, trying to remember the course of yesterday’s evening. 

We invite you to our show, in which we look at three different couples. Let’s take a look at the consequences of a one night stand. It’s the audience who decide where the heroes of the performance met. However, the further course of the performance will be improvised, i.e. invented and played in front of the audience, without any script or prepared characters. One such night, and one such morning. So … remind me, what’s your name again? 

Cast: Bartłomiej Magdziarz, Bartosz Młynarski, Weronika Nockowska, Karolina Norkiewicz, Dorota Pawiłowska, Jan Purc, Michał Sufin


fb: Klub Komediowy
www: komediowy.pl