Group “Bez wyjścia”

Małgorzata Tremiszewska, Alan Pakosz, Kuba Śliwiński are well known participants of polish improv scene. They will meet in Krakow at 9th ImproFest and for half an hour dig deep into given characters.

Alan Pakosz (Grupa AD HOC)
Małgorzata Tremiszewska (W Gorącej Kompani, Peleton)
Jakub Śliwiński (W Gorącej Kompani, Peleton, W Trzech Osobach)

“No Exit” – an improvised performance

“Emotions, whims and lies, fascination and play. Feelings and lack of them… Gifts that can not be accepted … Lies and truths. What is the truth? The denial of lies? The statement of fact? And if the fact is a lie, what is true then? Who is full of feelings that bother him, and who is the empty shell of the cold ruins?

What is the truth? What is the truth? ”
Andrzej Sapkowski