IMPRO Atak! is an Impro Comedy Theater which is dynamically developing. The team include professional actors who are in love with improvisation. From the beginning of their existence, IMPRO Atak! was associated with Teatr Nowy im. Kazimierz Dejmek in Łódź and Opera Leśna in Sopot. Collective also co-creates the Janowo Artistic Village near by seaside. IMPRO Atak! specializes in live performances, with an enthusiasm and passion.

Group started the activity in 2014, their repertoire includes:
– “Improvised romantic comedy in three acts”
– “Improvised crime story in two acts”
– “Improvised musical”
– “Tarantino – a bloody pulp”
– “IMPRO Atak”
– “The improvised fairytale”

and original formats
– “Listeners’ requests”,
– “The Observers”


“Improvised Musical”

The inspiration for this unique form is the suggestion from the audience, who will decide which character in the story we will follow. Actors and musicians will create a wonderful spectacle with memorable songs in front of audience eyes!


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